Escher Girls: Two (more) examples of misogyny in "geek" culture that just happened to well known female geeks


I’ve just become aware of both of these and so I want to share them here and some of my thoughts.

First, this is Feminist Frequency sharing some of the hatred that’s been directed her way for daring to have a…

What the fuck do males get out of HACKING INTO THEIR PERSONAL INFO TO PASS AROUND. Why would they even go that far? I don’t fucking understand. Seriously, you fucking losers, LoOK AT YOUR LIFE AND LOOK AT YOUR CHOICES. I just…I can’t put into words my bewilderment because everything is so fucking stupid. JFC. I just want to throttle every guy who is harassing these women. I believe people can have their own views, misogynistic or feministic, all they want - as long as it does not lead to harassment and the invasion of personal space/ personal harm.

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